Anson Mount shared my drawing of the Swede on Twitter!

Hi guys!

I’ve got an awesome feature on Twitter by Anson Mount ( he plays Cullen Bohannon in Hell on Wheels )!!!!
I shared a drawing of my fave character, the Swede (played by Christopher Heyerdahl) and Anson totally made my day with sharing it!!! *happy dance* :)

Here you can view the original drawing:
The Swede – Hell on Wheels

It’s on Twitter

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Chris H. WIP

Hi guys!

I’m still working on my third CH fan art.

I wanted to practice drawing the clothing, and the folds giving a “new look” or a “little bit new context” to an existing character.
Well, drawing the clothing folds weren’t any easy one but I enjoy doing it. :)


What do you think about it?
I have to work on it much but It’s almost done. :)